Captcha not working in IE 11

I have used the FBA pack for SharePoint 2010 environment in one of my solution and am facing the issue with the captcha control under registration module. The image for captcha does not load in ...

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Email folder missing

Hi, I have successfully deployed and used the FBA pack and got it working on my sharepoint site. However the email notification is not working whenever I have created a new user using the Membershi...

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users approved under "FBA Membership Request Management" does not get added.

Created a test page, added Membership web part. Created a test "test123" account using the web part, navigated to "FBA Membership Request Management", I can ...

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Email Missing from Profile - Sometimes

Sometimes the email address isn’t added to the site collection profile during registration. In these cases, the full claims UserID is entered as the Full Name too. The email address does make it ...

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Update deploy script to clean orphaned event receivers

In older versions of the FBA Pack there was a bug where the FBA Pack created the membership review list event receiver on the Generic List template. As a result, new lists would inherit the event ...

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MembershipRequest error message web part property not applied

Change cuw.InvalidPasswordErrorMessage = _InvalidPasswordErrorMessage; to cuw.InvalidPasswordErrorMessage = InvalidPasswordErrorMessage;

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Add configurable email reg exp validator

by default just check for @ symbol

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Membership Request Web Part Errors When Accessing Site Via Different Zone

Hi, Recently extended a site on which all worked fine with FBA pack, but the page with Membership Request web part on it errors with: 'Could not find membership provider' I have tried switchi...

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Manage Roles Page limited to 3 rows

Currently Manage Roles only shows 3 roles per page. Adjust the page to show more.

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Portuguese (pt-PT) resources

Resource Files pt-PT! Did my best. Hope it's OK. All the best for the project!

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